Where Digital Access To Life-Saving Solutions Is Made Possible.

BIOSPHERES is a new channel

A channel that is possible

because of the blockchain revolution.


A channel that gives the patients a say

in what is important to their own health and for their future generations.

A channel that allows medical innovations to be born

into the world without being limited to an institution that prioritizes profit over people.

A channel that invites and connects

researchers, patients and the medical community to collectively support initiatives that will benefit our lives while simultaneously creating a financial and health benefit for everyone involved.

The BIOSPHERES Ecosystem


Everyone needs medical care—whether it’s preventive, palliative, or curative. High-quality medical care is made possible through patient empowerment—by hearing out the needs and concerns of the public.

The current health industry model relegates patients to the passive-payer role. While many projects are trying to change this, very few are able to empower patients by using their direct feedback and purchasing power.

BIOSPHERES leverages these unsaid needs and built-up demand by allowing patient purchases to dictate which research trends, projects, and products make it ahead of the game. Patients become curators and customers. With this power to decide which treatment reservations gain attention and real-world demand, we are creating a new opportunity for demand metrics and price discovery.

Alongside this democratized ecosystem comes flexibility, transferability, cost reduction, and consumer protection through refund programs.


The world is filled with brilliant innovators—scientists, biotech companies, and independent biopharma firms—at various stages of research, development, and commercialization.

BIOSPHERES provides an opportunity for these innovators to list their projects, products, and services in the form of reservation tickets prior to their release/distribution.

This creates a vibrant marketplace for these initiatives to thrive and to get financed through alternative means, all the while not having to give up equity and ensure that their projects are sustained in the long run.

BIOSPHERES’ non-dilutive financing model is all about helping innovators get the resources they need to bring their brilliant discoveries faster to help the people.

Medical Experts

BIOSPHERES will incentivize medical experts to help uphold the scientific integrity and safety of all offerings on the platform. This is necessary as the Aevolve project while working with an extremely knowledgeable Scientific Board, needs to grow in scope and decentralize the process of scientific review and curation.  

Medical experts will be given rewards through AVEX!. They are a valuable part of Aevolve’s “brain trust”—a crowdsourced scientific collective mind—whose activities on the platform include medical reviews, safety insights, and other valuable information to enhance patient understanding and confidence.

Impact Investors

Investors who choose to make a genuine social impact with what they do, and not just generate profit, will find Aevolve the perfect vehicle to do both. Aevolve is a de-risked model for health-related investments. It is a community-driven and patient-centric project that stands out because of its balanced incentives.  

BIOSPHERES enables investor access where they can gain valuable insights on their placements, and learn about the real-time markets created by this first-in-the-world platform.

Redefining the Future of Medical Breakthroughs


Aevolve redefines how innovations are developed and released to the market. Through BIOSPHERES, openness, and transparency about the process is created. The platform also supports projects at different stages of their development.

Supporting the Stages of the Innovation Life-Cycle.


• • •

Early Stage Research & Discovery


Organizations like the NIH and other Government Agencies provide grants for innovation. However, not every country has the same resources, and sometimes both the research and the quality of the equipment can limit the opportunity of these inventions to take the next steps. Even in the United States, one of the largest innovation founders in the world, over 85% of grant applications go unfunded.

But what if we allowed the world to discover your idea? See it for the genius and the promise that it truly holds. We recognize that genius knows no country. Our approach is simple: If you believe your project has promised to heal or help, no matter what limitation your location brings, BIOSPHERES will let the world know and let them support.


• • •

Community Driven Challenge Funds


There are ideas, research projects, inventions, and even products that address existing medical and health challenges that you’ve never heard about. And there are medical conditions that are rare and have very little attention on them since they don’t attract the financial opportunities that traditional investment metrics require. But that is not what those suffering care about. They simply want help. In the last decade, we have seen a number of successful awareness campaigns, such as the “ALS Water Bucket Challenge”, that were driven by social media and the global community. These efforts inspired new funding sources and excited researchers to respond to the cries of the people.  

This is why BIOSPHERES will introduce CHALLENGE FUNDS. This is where funds are developed through user contributions to address problems that need more attention. Grant Blocks are inventions that need resources. Challenge Funds are a call to invent.


• • •

Research and Product Development


At this point, research blends with business more than ever. The product has already been conceptualized, patent filings are established or are underway and a company is formalized to house the research work, technology IP and investments necessary to fuel the development work. These companies are already working with relevant regulatory bodies such as the FDA to develop research and commercialization analysis.

Those that are successful with capital access in this very expensive stage can find hope to move to the next level. But this is a risky space. It is to the point where most biotechnology and medical innovation funds will receive and filter through hundreds and even thousands of projects per year only to pick 5 to 10 in hopes one will perform. That means the company must have extremely competitive circumstances that must be properly recognized to even be a candidate for these traditional capital pools. And as investment resources naturally centralize, the existing and new projects will begin to compete for the same sources. But, besides the innovation, what else can be done?

BIOSPHERES provides a platform where these companies can create visibility by both the global patient community and to the angel and institutional investor communities. Beyond acceptance, our Grant and Challenge Fund engines can accelerate companies in terms of progress and eventually, value. But more importantly, engagement by the community shows that the market access and opportunity is in reach and that is where the investors can see beyond just the technology that business opportunity is at hand. For investors, this creates a channel for opportunities with an added dimension of value and creative experimentation for value creation.


• • •

Commercial Ready, Distribution, Growth


Product offerings from these Commercial ready Medical Solutions Providers come in many forms. They can include:

• Products that offer a medical solution to a consumer but do not require FDA approval such as a food-based product or diagnostic service.

• Products that are already existing and selling in the market (all regulatory requirements are fulfilled) and the company seeks to expand its offering either geographically or increase its inventory and distribution capabilities.

• Products that are given limited FDA approvals like Orphan Drugs where they are allowed to commercialize on a limited basis and are still undergoing clinical research activity.

•Products that are given full commercialization FDA approval for human use which can include both prescription and non-prescription based medical services.

On the BIOSPHERES Platform, users can purchase SPHERES which are digital tickets that can be redeemed for a medical product, treatment, or service.  The payments for SPHERES assist in the financial requirements of the provider.  However, unlike a basic crowdfunding platform, these SPHERES can be easily sold and liquidated with a click of a button.  

It’s like paying for a hotel room online and if you suddenly decide to go somewhere else, by simply pressing a button, it can be sold to the next person that can’t wait to have it.   If a provider is unable to provide the offering, the buyer is refunded because the AVEX! Token is digitally escrowed until the SPHERE is redeemed.

We have introduced a new form of financial flexibility that gives comfort to patients while generating a channel to progress medical technologies in the world.