AVEX! Token

AVEX! Token

The AVEX! token is the native transactional unit within the Aevolve Protocol. It is the primary asset for entry into the Aevolve ecosystem. Its role is defined under the rules of the Aevolve Protocol.

Users can use AVEX! to purchase tokenized vouchers or reservation certificates on BIOSPHERES. AVEX! also serves as a future voting reserve and incentive mechanism for both patients and medical experts signed up on the BIOSPHERES platform.





• NOTICE: AVEX Token is no longer supported and is replaced by AVEX!
• MULTI-PROTOCOL - AVEX! Token is a multi-protocol Sub-Token under the AEVOLVE ERC-1155 Smart Contract. It also contains NFT (ERC-721) digital assets to represent several components of AEVOLVE’s medical innovation financing model.
• ERC-20 (Ethereum Mainnet) – AVEX! on ETHERSCAN
• BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) on BSCSCAN


• OPENING MINT: 1.21 Million Tokens (Airdrops and starting Liquidity Pools)
• MAX 35,000,000 AVEX! Mint Potential for Exclusive Access Smart Contracts
• MAX 35,000,000 AVEX! Biospheres Treasury Match Mint based on Exclusive Access Smart Contracts Activity (Time LOCKED for Biospheres Medical Offerings Use)
• DECLINING INFLATION RATE: Token Growth from Declining Inflation Rate released monthly based on 1% of Total Minted Supply while interest rate also reduces by 1% monthly. Inflationary supply to be allocated for project reinvestment and staking rewards (Staking features coming soon).


Exclusive Access Smart Contracts incrementally mint a total based on 10% cumulative supply minted from an initial AVEX! 100K starting basis. The mint only is only activated once the previous 10% minted supply has been purchased.

Network Value

The token value is driven by their utility in relation to the initial market offering available on the platform and the BIOSPHERES potential market offering. Aevolve’s market is designed to function primarily at a high utility value and minimize speculation over time. Aevolve is driven by actual medical solutions and products that address real-world demand and practical applications. AVEX! and SPHERE asset ownership are targeted towards patient-consumers.