The Future Of Health Innovation

AEVOLVE is a protocol that supports medical innovations from R&D stages to full-scale commercialization, by connecting patients, investors, and scientific innovators.

The Next Step in

Digitizing Medical Access

AEVOLVE is a powerful channel that brings fintech and revolutionary medical science together to accelerate the financing of medical innovations. It is a practical vehicle for bringing health-related innovations to their next stages of development, so patients can access and benefit from them faster.


The global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry generate over a trillion dollars in annual sales making it one of the most powerful sectors in the world.  Yet it is no secret that the reputation of “BIG PHARMA” has declined over the years.  The public trust has been shaken with “BIG PHARMA” scandals that simply expose the same recurring problem: The disease of greed has infected the industry.

The victims of this disease, however, are everyday people. Us. The very people that rely on this industry for medical solutions to improve our health or find relief from suffering.  But even with public awareness campaigns to rally against social injustices that have caused death, financial ruin or limit the progress or release of new medical technologies, we see that there has been no significant systemic change.  

We in the crypto community are familiar with a similar scenario.  Initially rejecting the crypto sector, today, major financial institutions and governments are changing their tune.  It is not that blockchain aimed to change the original system, transformation is happening because another system was made possible.

What if there was a way to leverage the technological and financial channels of blockchain to directly finance medical innovations?  What if it was possible to introduce a new way to empower scientists, researchers and medical innovators with financial strength and give their projects awareness to accelerate innovations so it goes from the lab and into the hands of the patients that desperately need them?  And what if the opportunity to make this change and positively impact everyone involved is here right now?

The crypto-movement has created a rapid transfer of wealth over the last few years that continues to change lives.  It’s time to use that power to save lives as well.  

At AEVOLVE, we say, “BIG PHARMA IS SICK, WE ARE THE CURE.”  Become the answer.

Aevolve Serves Unfunded Research


Aevolve aims to serve the majority of research applications (85%) that are submitted to governments globally go unfunded. This is a source of tremendous life-saving value, as well as new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Addressing a Growing Biotech Market


The global biotechnology market alone is expected to reach USD 727.1 billion by 2025.

Biospheres to Launch with over 1B in Product Offerings


Project to launch initial treatment reservations and/or products as secured offerings on Biospheres estimated to be worth at least USD 1 billion.